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Pete Corsaro started out in business operating a produce stand in the City Market from 1946-1953. In 1953 he purchased the paper stand in the City Market and operated it as Corsaro Paper Co. In 1962 he purchased Cash & Carry Paper Co. at 117 N. Alabama St. In 1965 he moved the business to 627 E. Market St. Things went well there until he heard of the Interstate ramp being proposed to go right down the middle of Market St. In 1971 he purchased and renovated a building at 602 E. Washington St. ,where the business remained for 32 years. Throughout the years his wife, Catherine remained beside him, handling all the accounting duties. Peter sold the business to his son-in-law, Bob Moss and son, Paul Corsaro, in 1981. Peter stayed active in the business until the day he died in 2002. Catherine passed away in 1999.

Bob Moss started working at Cash & Carry Paper in 1962. He married Fran Corsaro, the oldest daughter of Pete & Catherine Corsaro in 1960. He purchased the business along with Pete's son in 1981. He sold his share of the business in 1995 when he and Fran retired. Fran handled the accounting duties from 1973-1995. They have 4 children and 7 grandchildren, that keep them busy.